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Art of Preparing Crispy Dosas

Perfecting my Dosa recipe hasn’t been easy for me! It took a lot of patience and experimentation to land in the perfect Dosa batter recipe. For those who are new to Dosa, Dosa is a popular South Indian style crepe or thin pancake. Similar to how North Indians relish Rotis- wheat bread, the South Indians favor Dosas.

Dosas come in different varieties, while some are thicker and soft others are crisper and thinner. Some taste savory, while some sweet, since these Dosas can be made using semolina based batter, lentils based or something else. The perfect way to make crispy Dosas is by mixing lentils (Urad dal that is Split black gram) and rice in a particular ratio before grounding and fermenting them. I will provide you with a quick lesson on the correct way to prepare them.

Things you should consider while preparing Dosa batter:

recipe The ratio of lentils and rice should be accurate.
recipe You should always use the water used for soaking for grinding   the batter.
recipe Fermentation must be done carefully
recipe Ferment the batter in a warm place for a speedy preparation.
recipe Grind dhal and rice separately.
recipe Bring the Dosa batter to room temperature before preparing Dosas or Idlis.

So let’s start the recipe:

•Start the preparation by soaking urad dal and rice for about 6 hours or leave them overnight. Next grind both the ingredients separately into a flowing batter. Then mix the batter well to speed up the fermentation process.
•Now you should add little salt and leave the batter to ferment overnight. Make sure the lid of the vessel with the batter is neither closed too tight nor too loose. Because there should be some circulation of air within the container while trapping in the temperature.
•Heat a pan or tava. After the pan becomes hot, sprinkle some oil and pour a ladle of Dosa batter. After it starts to dry, sprinkle some more oil to make the crepe crispier. When one side starts to turn darker and golden brown flip the other side of the Dosa.


Tip: Mix water and oil in the proportion of ½ teaspoon oil to 2 cups of water. This mixture can be used to clean the pan after preparing every Dosa. This is the basic recipe for preparing crispy Dosa batter. You can also fill in special stuffing’s to prepare different varieties of Dosas. You can very well refrigerate the remaining Dosa batter for later use.

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