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Best Dosa Caterers in London

Our culture is imbedded with traditional foods. Dosa ia one such traditional dish that keeps us craving and longing for it when we are away from home. Since there is umpteen number of Dosa restaurants in London, you might probably struggle to find the best fine dining Dosa restaurant in the city. So we have listed down the top 3 restaurants providing Dosa Catering services.

1. Palmbeachuk

PalmBeach – UK’s best Indian restaurant provides complete Dosa catering services to make your event a delectable success. To ensure guests are served with the best food, caters at Palm Beach freshly prepare Dosa’s at the location of the function.

You can rely on them for serving delicious Dosas for all your occasions – birthdays, engagements, weddings, receptions, family and business functions. Bring in the bold aroma of Dosa’s to your home by ordering your food with PalmBeach.


What do they Provide?

It’s not all about Dosa’s, Palm Beach also offers a wide variety of different South Indian and Sri Lankan menus for buffet, dinners, weddings and events.

2. Madhura Dosa Express

Madhura Dosa Express has been catering 100% pure Indian Vegetarian food in London since 1999. From Indo-Chinese dishes, North Indian and South Indian dishes, Indian Biryani to Masala Dosa and Idly delicacy, they provide tasty flavors that suits your taste. Dosa’s and Idly’s are kind of their finger-licking food.

What do they Provide?

Dosa, Uthapam, Special Biryani, Methu Vada and Idly

3. Dosadeli

Though there are only two to three types of traditional Dosas, one can find different varieties of Dosas packed full of spice, sour, sweet and salty flavour. Serve your guests with appetizing assortment of Dosas served with spicy chutneys and sambars from Dosadeli for your initimate celebrations.

What do they Provide?

The Indian restaurant boasts for offering various types of spicy, yummy and cheesy Dosa’s for foodie’s all over London.

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