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Dine At The Best Srilankan Restaurant in London

Sri Lanka curries are known for their fiery sharpness. But there are also milder variations such as vegetable curries in coconut milk. Many spices of Ceylonese cuisine are not only aromatic, but also have an invigorating and digestive effect. To complete the taste, herbs, grasses and fruit acids are also used. In addition to the curries, you will also find “devilled” dishes on the menu, which are prepared spicy in the pan. Some of the delicious interesting appetizers at “Palm Beach” are “breaded balls” of meat, fish and vegetables in spicy sauces.

The “Biriyani” (tasty rice dishes) have been handed down by the Moorish spice merchants who settled in Sri Lanka in the 15th and 16th centuries. Of course, each meal is served with fragrant rice, pickles, chutneys, yoghurt, salads and pappadums.

Palm Beach UK also provides creative full-service special events catering with delicious food, warm hospitality and creative flair at every opportunity. As a leading Srilankan Catering in East London, our culinary creations will inspire the senses through the innovation, style and freshness.

We provide catering services all over UK and if you want to plan your special day anywhere in UK, give us a call and we will give you the options suiting your party. Our full service approach has earned Palm Beach a loyal and diverse clientele and a stellar reputation.

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