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Dosa Catering Serves You A Healthy And Tasty Dosa’s

A dosa is a wholesome food that fills your tummy. Dosa is indigenous to South India, dosa was already in use in ancient Tamil country as dosai.

Masala Dosa


The original Dosa’s in general are softer and thicker, the thinner and crispier version of dosa, which became popular all over India, was first made in present-day Karnataka. There are wide varieties of dosa available in the restaurants, but there is always this major class distinction between sada dosa and Special dosa. People in general prefer sada dosa, whereas Masala dosa is for the choosy one. But in few parts of India dosa is a Masala Dosa with a thick layer of butter glistening on it.

Podi Dosa


Dosa is highly appetizing and it’s a must on list in every hotel and restaurants in Tamil Nadu, though staple ones like chutney and sambar come in handy with every plate of dosa, it’s always considered that dosa goes well with “Milagai Podi” (Milagai Podi -the treated chili-powder with a liberal puddle of gingely oil.) It is known as the Indian pancake and is thin like a crepe.

Plain Dosa


Dosa is a protein rich food for vegetarians that’s made of rice batter and urad dal , dosa is a versatile dish that can be eaten as Breakfast , Lunch and Dinner, it’s very easy to digest and even single dosa can fill your tummy and can keep you considerably full. In order to have a heavy meal you can add stuffing inside your dosa that can keep you full for a whole day.

A single serving of plain dosa does not add too many calories in your body. The calorie count differs from each type of dosa.

Calorie count of various types of dosa

various types of dosa


  • Plain dosa – 37 calories
  • Oats dosa – 304 calories
  • Masala dosa – 415 calories
  • Set dosa – 52 calories
  • Paneer dosa – 200 calories
  • Mysore Masala dosa – 171 calories
Wheat Dosa


Protein is the most important nutrient required by our body, it keeps us full for longer as it slowly releases energy and also helps make our hair, bones and muscles stronger, Vegetarians often complain of having very few sources of protein unlike meat eaters. Including dosa in your diet plan will help you. Though it does not have too much of protein, it supplies moderate amounts of it.

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