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Dosa, Culinary Connoisseurs’ Elation

I am an Indian settled in abroad and have a girlfriend of similar origin. Both of us are tremendous culinary connoisseurs of speciality food from all over the world. Now that we are into a soup, I decided to calm down her taste buds and then make a foray into her heart and beseech apologies. Found Palm Beach restaurants dosa’s reputation to be a way out.

After several hours of annoyance, she dropped in at the Palm Beach restaurant, with exasperation, to breakup forever. Having left no stone unturned, from Mexican to Chinese to Arabian to Wannabe Indian cuisines, we were in tedium. I contemplated within myself and decided introducing her to such an authentic Dosa Speciality at Palm Beach to calm her down a bit.

The moment we saw Dosas at Palm Beach restaurant we began drooling over them. A look at the line up on the carte du jour (menu) was nostalgic giving back childhood Indian reminiscences of the regular Dosa, Masala dosa, Mysore Masala dosa. She accepted to have tasted only the regular rice batter dosa. Taking this opportunity to talk to her, I began explaining and placing orders for all the scrumptious dosas that travelled through my olfactory senses and my taste buds to the nostalgia portion of the brain. We are health freaks and gym mates too and conscious about what we consume. So calorie matters, and Palm Beach dosa doesn’t bestow you with so many calories as does a burger or a Pizza.

Paper roast dosa for the young and the old alike, Spiced up mysore masala dosa with fiery chutney layer giving the heat of the chillies, and a scrumptious potato masala over it, for the spice lovers, Rava dosa for the carbohydrate conscious, Masala Dosa for the not so- spicy food lovers, Onion rava dosa for the ones that need a pep up in their wafer thin Rava dosa, Onion Uthappam for the soft one side cooked Dosa lovers, Kal Dosai for the gluttons of thick dosa, Family Dosa and Ghee roast dosa for the not so calorie conscious.“We have several dosa speciality restaurants, here”, she quipped. I went on to explain saying “Yes there are several, but they are not so authentic and serve limited varieties of Dosas that are dear and also so wannabe”.

The swift service of Palm Beach restaurant , the aroma of the freshly ground chutneys and tempering, and Sambhar drifted me to my hometown back in India. Fiery Red tomato chilly onion infused Chutney, Coconut chutney and the Green Coriander/Mint chutney was just running down my food pipe and tempting my gastric juices to devour more. “The eating etiquette”, here we go : tear a piece of the soft dosa, dip it into the chutney of your choice, and then a dip into the sambhar, Take it to your mouth and, start floating to the paradise and be back for another helping of the Palm Beach dosa.

After savouring almost all the Dosa varieties they had, she held my hand and said, let’s try out the others during our next visit to Palm Beach restaurant. Holding hands we walked to the parking lot, and I knelt for her and said, “your mine forever!!!” Million Thanks to their Dosa, that did a lot to me apart from getting me to taste the most brilliant Dosas and also patching up with my girlfriend. So thus goes my Dosa love story. Writing about food gives me joy since “The next best thing to eating is talking about it”.

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