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Give Us A Chance to Cater your Next Event

Indian food packed with complex flavors – savory, sweet and spicy has evolved over thousands of years. UK has a developing populace of individuals of Indian inception. Indians have particular propensities in comparison to the individuals living in the west. For instance, Indian food is rich in flavors and herbs not like American food, which are more continental in nature.

PalmBeachUK established more than two decades back, had sprung up with the mission for providing delicious Indian and Srilankan food – Dosas, Tandoor, Grilled and other foods that meet the needs of a wholesome diet. In case you’re arranging an occasion in UK and the list of people to attend contains numerous Indian names, you should search for a supplier of Indian Dosa Catering Services in UK.


Want to ensure that your visitors are well catered at your next occasion?

At PalmBeachUK we combine the freshest fixings, hospitality and enthusiasm for making delightful menus to give you and your visitors the most ideal experience. You won’t be held back by basic Indian menu options. You can very well choose from our large and exciting range of delicious Indian menus for your special occasion. Browse our large selection of delicious party food menus – our gourmet buffet range and food platters at or we’ll help tailor something just perfect for creating a truly unforgettable event catering.

Starters – Starting from £1.50 per piece
Dosa – Starting from £3.75 per piece
Buffets –Starting from £7.75 per piece

PalmBeach, UK’s popular Indian restaurant has catered for a multitude of events – Weddings, Birthdays, Receptions and Parties in and around UK. Our caterers love to collaborate on unique Indian menus to suit your budget, dietary requirements or suit your event in all verticals. Regardless of whether it is a little assembling or a wedding or a philanthropy gale, our team of chefs will strive hard with great commitment for curating innovative, delicious menus that balance the flavours of the cuisine in all verticals. In order to keep the Indian tradition alive, all our chefs are handpicked from India and Srilanka.

We can set up pretty much anyplace while your visitors get the chance to watch the cooking happen directly before them from our authentic Indian pancakes- Dosa, fiery Tandoor Chicken to spicy mutton kothu hotplates – expect excitement and tasty nourishment in one!

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