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How to Prepare a Crispy Paper Roast Dosa


Dosas are staple South Indian morning breakfast. Majority of Indians love crispy Dosas and they more often prefer to eat Dosas to idli’s. Kids in particular are not huge fan of thick dosa, so preparing a paper roast is one of the toughest jobs for me as a parent. I sometimes fail to get a perfect consistency and today being my daughter’s birthday I thought of surprising her with super thin paper roast.
I have been doing a lot of research online to get the perfect consistency. If you are wondering whether it is difficult to make a paper roast, then check my post. Paper roast Dosas are no more a rocket science. I’m really excited and thrilled to have made this dosa and am writing this blog after being appreciated by my family and most importantly my daughter.

Preparation of Batter:
•  Soak your rice and dal separately for 5-6 hours.
•  In your grinder first pour the dal and start grinding it. Add some water for the smooth paste and take the batter and keep it aside.
•  In the same grinder pour the rice and start grinding it. Add some water to make the batter smooth & soft and keep it aside.
•  Mix the dal and rice batter with salt. Mix it well until you don’t find any lumps.
•  Separate the batter into 2 vessels. Make sure that you don’t fill the batter half way above the container in which you store, because it does rise while it ferments.
•  Leave it for 6 to 10 hours outside and keep it in the fridge.
•  When you want to make a dosa take it out from the fridge and let it freeze out for a while.
•  Mix the batter once again and if it is necessary add some water and prepare the dosa.

Preparation of paper roast:
•  Heat a tawa (iron skillet) on a high heat.
• Once the tawa is super hot, take a ladleful of dosa batter.
• Spread the batter evenly in such a way that it turn into a round dosa.
• Take a spatula and smooth the top of the dosa, smooth it out thoroughly.
•  Smear oil all over the edges of the dosa and some in the centre.
•  Allow it to cook for some time, until you see the edges turning golden brown.
•  Keep folding the dosa from one edge and now yummy crispy paper roast is ready.
•  This dosa goes really well with fiery red hot chutney, coconut chutney, peanut chutney etc.



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