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My Partying Experience At The Birthday Party Hall In Harrow

Yeahhh today is my best chum’s birthday she is from South India, she is here in UK to pursue her Management studies. She is an amazing soul with lot of positivity to be with. She is my sister from another mother. We share great bonding and I can really count on her when am in trouble.

Ok let me tell you how we met each other. On our orientation day I was sitting all alone quiet as it was a new place. This gal she was sitting right beside me and was weeping as she was missing her family and was feeling lonely, I really felt bad and asked her what she was upto and why she is weeping. She told me what she felt and I promised to help her out. From that day till now, I have always been there in all her ups and down.

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We shared the same room, cooked, studied together and we have done all kind of nonsense. She is my best pal and my only partner in crime. So me and my other friends we planned to throw a surprise birthday party in a Birthday Party Hall in Harrow.

We planned for a themed party, she is a huge minion fan and it was so obvious that I had no other option other than minion. The entire stage was decorated with the posters and images of minion. We ordered for a 2kg fondant minion cake. I would like to thank my parents for funding me for this surprise birthday party.

October 5th was her birthday. Morning we went to the church nearby, I prayed to lord that our friendship should be just the way it is and I infact promised her no matter what we are we’ll remain good friends for life. Afternoon I cooked her favorite meal. Calls kept coming her way all the while, then by 4 I asked her to get dressed her up, she kept asking me “where we are going”, I kept mum.

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She got ready, I already booked a cab , before she got out of our room, I informed the cab guy about our destination. She kept asking me million times “where are we going?” I continued being mum, mean while our whole class had already reached the Birthday Party Hall in Harrow. It was a 30 minutes travel from our room.

I took her to the venue, the sparkles bursted and we all started to sing birthday song to my best chum. She was overly glad and hugged me so tight, I was really happy to have planned this amazing event for my best chum. This is our final year and next year she would have already flown down back to India. So, if not now then when? I could have done all this to my loveable friend.

The Birthday Party Hall in Harrow was awesomely decorated and had great food along with starters. Since it was a budget party my pick was this birthday party hall, I was extremely happy that the bill was well within the budget.

I had a peaceful sleep that night after executing a surprise birthday party a huge success.

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