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Our Classic Masala Dosa Recipe – Check it Out

It is one of my favourite dish from my childhood because I am a huge lover of potatoes, so when it comes to Masala dosa am just aww struck by this yummy tasty food.

My hubby use to take me to restaurant very rarely, so whenever I get a chance to go to restaurant I used to order Masala dosa, especially the one that we get in Palm Beach UK is extremely yummy and delicious. This is very special to me because I used to have it with varieties of chutneys and onion sambhar.

masala dosa

To my surprise my kid loves to eat Masala dosa as well, so she always trouble me to prepare this dosa in our home , according to my kid’s desire I prepare this food very often and serve this dish to my husband and kid with all the love that I have for them.

First it took long time to prepare this recipe ,but after making it couple of times it is damn easy for me to prepare this food at home.

Now whenever we plan a party at our place Masala dosa is definitely the must on our menu list.

Now I will share the recipe of the Masala dosa that I usually prepare for my family members.


For Batter

food icon Rice – 4 cup / 4 part

food icon Whole Urad Dal without Skin / Ulundam Paruppu-1 cup / 1 part

food icon Salt- to taste ( See Notes below the recipe)

food icon Water as needed

For Potato Masala

food icon Oil – 1 spn

food icon Mustard Seeds- 1 spn

food icon Urad dal – 1 tsp

food icon Curry leaves – As you need

food icon Asafoetida – A pinch

food icon Onions – 1 – chopped finely

food icon Ginger – Finely Chopped – 2 spn

food icon Green Chillies – Finely Chopped – 2 spn

food icon Carrot – 1 – chopped finely

food icon Potato – 3 bi,boiled , peeled and mashed

food icon Turmeric Powder – 1 spn

food icon Salt – As you need

food icon Coriander – Decorate

Preparation Of Batter

You may click on this link – to know the step by step procedure of how to prepare the dosa batter, hence now I am proceeding to share the Masala recipe.

Preparation Of Masala

Take the potatoes arrow Wash and cut potatoes into half and pressure cook for 3 whistles arrow Peel it and make smash arrow Keep it aside

Take the pan arrow Add the oil arrow Add the mustard seeds,ural dal, curry leaves arrow Wait it becomes golden brown arrow Add the finely chopped ginger arrow Add the finely chopped onions & green chillies and saute it for a while arrow Wait till it becomes golden brown arrow Add the corrot and saute for a while arrow Add the asafoetida, turmeric powder and salt arrow Add few drops of water arrow It will boil arrow Add the mashed potatoes arrow Wait till it becomes thick to the gravy

Now the masala is ready

Garnish the masala with coriander leaves

Making Of Masala Dosa

pour batter spread it on all sides turning it on other side
back side of dosa masala dosa masala dosa recipes

Heat the dosa tawa arrow Pour the batter on the tawa arrow Spread it equally on all sides arrow Drizzle some oil around the sides arrow Wait till the dosa becomes light brown arrow Turn the dosa with the non stick ladle arrow Wait till it become crispy arrow Now you can take the dosa from the tawa

Place it in the platearrow Pour the ladle full of potato masla arrow on the center of the dosa arrow Now fold in half

Serve with varieties of chutneys and sambhar

I think this dosa might have filled up your tummy

Why don’t you try it in your home to make any celebrations as a most memorable for your family?

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