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Palm Beach Offers Dosa Catering in UK For Small Parties

I am delivering to you today an extraordinary address for vegetarian Britainian Indian cuisine. Palm Beach a cozy restaurant frequented by the Indian community visibly. I discovered it a bit by chance surfing the web and I regularly return there for tasting the yummy dosas they serve, as they have a myriad of dosa varieties. The Palm Beach Uk serves Dosa an Indian meal and they also have outdoor dosa catering services for a birthday party or a get together event. The dosa, a great Indian crepe, reigns supreme! But not only dosa, Palm Beach also serves authentic Indian cuisine using hand-picked spices and herbs.

India is a great country for vegetarians because Hindus are vegetarians, which represents a majority of the population.


In India, the dish you see in photo, dosa or dosai is a great classic of the kitchen. The pancake of the dosa is made with a mixture of rice flour and flour of lentils or chickpeas. It is served with spicy chutney and sambar. A known variant, the masala dosa, contains potatoes inside the pancake with onions and curry leaves. The dosa is really impressive in length, twice as big as our pancakes but stronger of course as you can see in the picture, along with the three spice sauces.

The dosa is an extremely simple and inexpensive meal; the prices of dosa vary according to its variety, so I highly recommend this dish to you to discover popular India.

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