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Palm Beach Restaurant UK- My Love For Onion Uthappam Grew Exponentially Here

This day few years back I tried my hands on cooking and my very first dish that I cooked and got applauded was a “Dosa”, dosa is a south Indian dish that is preferred for breakfast by majority of south Indians. It’s a must on list for each and every individual down the south of India. This dosa batter is prepared with urad dal and with this batter u can prepare idlis as well. This Batter is versatile and can save your day when you literally have nothing left over in your fridge.

onion uthappam

I was a teen kid when I tried preparing dosa and initially I wasn’t able to prepare a perfectly shaped dosa, I kept trying hard to get the perfect round shape and now preparing dosa, dosa batter is a cake walk for me and I infact try experimenting all new kinds of dosa I come across, and this particular “Onion Uthappam” which I had at “Palm beach Restaurant” is mouth watering and tasted really heaven.

It was love at first sight and I really have to accept the fact that this onion Uthappam at Palm Beach restaurant UK is way too good that I can’t wait to prepare this Uthappam on my own and it came out really well.

So, guys I have shared the recipe below. Try it out and enjoy this yummylicious Onion Uthappam.


food icon Dosa batter

food icon Onion

food icon Oil

food icon Mustard

food icon Asafetida pwd

food icon Cumin

food icon Split urad dal

food icon Chana dal

food icon Red chilly

food icon Curry leaves

food icon Cashew nuts

food icon Coriander leaves

food icon Salt to taste

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food icon Take onions based on the batter and chop it finely.

food icon Lit the burner, place a pan over it and smear oil all over.

food icon Temper with mustard, asafetida powder, cumin, split urad dal, chana dal, red chilly & finely chopped curry leaves.

food icon Add chopped onions and sauté it for a minute.

food icon Add Cashews (Optional) and sauté it further.

food icon Take a ladle full of this dosa batter and spread it all over the pan/tawa.

food icon Top the dosa batter with onion mixture and finely chopped coriander leaves.

food icon This should be thick and the thickness should be close to pan cake.

food icon Take a tea spoon of oil and drizzle it on all sides and allow it to cook until the other side turns crisp & golden brown in color.

food icon Flip the partially cooked dosa to the other side and allow it to cook.

food icon Take out the dosa and serve it immediately before it loses its crispness.

I served this dosa for dinner along with the hot fiery tomato chutney and sambar, my husband enjoyed it so much that he wanted to have it again for the next day’s breakfast. So, guys please try out this onion Uthappam and do let us know how you enjoyed the Uthappam.

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