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PalmBeach A Trending Restaurant In UK

Being a vegetarian from a family full of non-vegetarians, I kept thinking so much what to cook specially on our fourth wedding anniversary. Mine is a perfect love marriage, we struggled a lot to get into this wedlock, as you all know what all mental trauma one could have gone through to marry a guy from another religion, and I had to overcome all this family drama and finally succeeded marrying the man of my life.

Now we are happily married and celebrating our fourth anniversary with our little princess. So I tot, why not something special and planned for a surprise candle light dinner. Hmmm yeahhh !!! As I kept thinking, thinking and thinking on the menu for the surprise dinner night, I found nothing interesting and ordered food from PalmBeach Restaurant UK. We are basically from south of India, so we ordered south Indian food.

So, here is the list of food items I ordered for:

  • Peshawari Naan
  • Stuffed Paratha
  • Veechi Roti
  • Ghee Dosa
  • Mutton Briyani
  • Paneer Briyani

Along with these main dishes I cooked Baingan ka Bharta and aloo masala and it really went on well with the naan and stuffed paratha.

OMG! The peshawari naan my husband loved it so much that he insisted me to learn the procedures to cook this yummilicious naan. Stuffed paratha is definitely a melt in mouth food. I would definitely suggest you all to try out the paneer Briyani, it’s prepared with right amount of spices and my hubby enjoyed his mutton Briyani as well.

It was one hell of a night, we had a great blast and planned a small kitty party the next day for our kith and kin. You know what?? We ordered the same items for the party from PalmBeach Restaurant. We got our food delivered on time and they co-ordinated so well with us. We just fell in love with the yummy Indian food served by PalmBeach restaurant.

Thanks to PalmBeach ppl for such a yummy food and swift service. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to all my friends in UK.

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