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Palmbeach Restaurant: Leading Dosa Caterers In London

PalmBeach specializes in Dosa catering and it’s all about creating the perfect menu for your parties and corporate events. Palmbeach’s dosa catering provides highest quality of Indian and Srilankan cuisine that reflects the beauty and the taste of Asia.

Palm Beach is offering a full complement of catering services to fit your party and event plans. Catering for more than two decades, Palm Beach is a popular name among the Srilankan, South Indian and Gujarathi communities in UK.

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Dosa Catering London:

PalmBeach is working on bringing the Indian and the Srilankan street foods to the streets of London, all our meals are created using the finest ingredients and served with the perfect balance of aroma and textures.

Our catering services include:

We offer Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian Catering To

• Weddings

• Arangetrams

• Birthday Parties

• Garden Parties

• Drinks Receptions

• Social Gatherings

• Outdoor Parties

• Home Parties

At PalmBeach we serve only authentic dishes from Srilanka and South India, Palmbeach’s catering service not only provide tasty food, but will make the guests impressed at the beautiful presentation of the cuisine.

With more than two decades of experience as dosa caterers we can anticipate the clients’ needs and provide excellent food and impeccable service.

“Every dish at PalmBeach Dosa Catering London is meticulously prepared in authentic home-style, using only natural spices & ingredients and as a result, our cuisine is tasty and healthy.”

Dosa Varieties Available at PalmBeach:

 Crispy Plain Dosa

 Potato Filled Masala Dosa

 Ghee Dosa

 Onion Dosa

 Jaffna Dosa

 Onion Uthappam

 Idly

 Plain Uthappam

 Paneer Dosa

 Meduvada

 Paper Roast

 Kal Dosa

 Tomato Uthappam

 Chutneys and Sambar

The above is a sample only, you can choose the varieties from our menu, Utensils and equipments for the Mobile catering requires space and we need a couple of tables and electrical connection. Mobile catering requires an advance booking, so please call us in advance.

Call us at: 020 8900 8664 | 07939 587 338 | 07885 405 453

Online enquiry:

Our full service approach has earned Palm Beach a loyal and diverse clientele and a stellar reputation. Our mission is to provide our clients with the finest and freshest ingredients, incorporating them into the most delicious vegetarian meals ever tasted. We will work with you to find the right menu for your parties.

Chettinadu Specialities


DOSA Prices at PalmBeach:

 Kal Dosa £3.00

 Masala Dosa (1pc) £3.50

 Plain Dosa £3.00

 Ghee Dosa £3.25

 Idly 4 pcs £3.00

 Dosa (Jaffna style)(3ps) £3.00

 Poori Masala 2 Pcs £3.25

“Offering different varieties of Dosas with sambhar and chutneys, dosa catering will be a treat and different experience for your guests.”

Palm Beach has created a niche cuisine for the customers. Come and taste the authentic Srilankan and South Indian cuisine.

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