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Savour the Real Indian Food in the British Empire

Indian cuisine is so damn tasty- it is gaining great popularity among Britain’s chefs. The Indian cuisine is a blend of invigorating aromas, balanced spices and strong-vibrant colors. For many people around the world, it is this unique combination that helps them to fall in love with the cuisine at the very first bite. Due to infinite additions of spices the cuisine has a wide range and diversity of flavors – savory, sweet and spicy.

Indian food is far from confined to Asian countries; you can enjoy your share of Indian food right in the heart of United Kingdom. Over 20 years, Palm Beach one of the best Indian restaurants in UK offers finest Sri Lankan & South Indian Cuisine.

We Love to Serve our Guests


Whether it’s a multi-course plated lunch or dinner we offer vegetarian and non-vegetarian catering services to a vast array of clients. We also specialize in catering off premises for wedding receptions, birthday parties, cocktail parties, arangetram parties, mehandi nights and also for other events.  No matter what occasion it is, we will closely work with you to help you find the right menu to match your events.

We are best recognized in UK for serving authentic Indian dish, Dosa- Indian crepe usually served with spicy chutneys and sambars. Palm Beach also provides Mobile Dosa catering services for parties, weddings and other related occasions.

Banqueting Services:


Our Banqueting services will vary as to match your preference and style of the event. We own two grandiose banquet suites ideal for organizing medium to large parties. Furnished with best-in-class amenities the halls can support any number of guests. If you’re throwing a party or an event, Palm Beach banqueting suite can be the best place to host your special occasion.



We are extending our service to full service wedding and event management. Our event management services include full wedding planning, entertainment, flower decoration, Dj nights and catering services. From concept, execution throughout the completion, our event managers will cover all your planning services.

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