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Taste the Best Ever Mughal Style Biryani in North London!

The unique aroma and flavor of Biryani have gained international attention. For most of us, the recipe reminds of the culinary heritage of Mughal era. The dish is also called Pulao and is generally prepared using meat, rice, and spices.

Biryani is derived from the Persian word, ’berian’, meaning fried before cooking. Thus traditionally, Biryani was prepared by frying the rice in ghee before cooking it with meat. This is one of the most common dishes found in parties, weddings, and other occasions.


The Legend:

The dish was invented during the Mughal period when the Queen had ordered the chefs to prepare something nutritious for the soldiers. Thus the chefs prepared Biryani, by layering nutritious ingredients including rice, meat, spices and nuts together.

The dish was prepared in Dum method (Prepared in a heavy pot in which the food was tightly sealed and cooked over a low flame) and thus was both delicious and nutritious. Though the traditional way is this, today many chefs prepare their own version of the recipe by implementing different techniques and also by varying the ingredients.

The flavor of the dish is contributed by the quality of rice, spices, and saffron used. The dish is usually served with Raita ( a dish prepared using yogurt) or thick gravies.

Inspired by South Asian flavors, the restaurant also specializes in Dosa Catering services for various occasions and events across London. Kal Dosa, Ghee Dosa, Masala Dosa are some of the Palm Beach Dosa varieties. The Dosas are served with spicy delicious chutneys and sambars.

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