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Taste This Yummy Ghee roast At Dosa Catering London

Dosa is a delicious Indian recipe that’s usually served as a breakfast, and especially this brown crispy ghee roast is my all time favorite that’s topped completely with ghee, these are the classic few Indian dishes that I have always adored and craved a lot to have it every day for my breakfast.

But I have never imagined myself to cook this yummylicious Ghee roast and when I tried it out, it worked like a charm, I was awed by the way this ghee roast turned out, I could actually bring the cone shape near to perfection.

ghee roast


In restaurants, we have seen ghee roast served like a cone, these dosas greatly amuses me and it’s actually a must to order dish when ever am out to a restaurant. My daughter always calls this as Cone Dosa and by default her first choice in any restaurant is Ghee Roast.

Preparing a ghee roast at home is a simple task and u can very well bring the cone shape and treat your family with this mouth watering Ghee roast.

For Batter

icon Rice – 4 cup / 4 part

iconWhole Urad Dal without Skin / Ulundam Paruppu-1 cup / 1 part

icon Salt- to taste ( See Notes below the recipe)

icon Water as needed


dosa mavu batter


icon Soak the rice and Urad Dal separately and grind to a smooth paste.

icon Mix both the batters together, add salt to taste and keep the batter for fermenting overnight.

icon Add water to the batter, if u feel that your batter is too thick.

icon Place a dosa tawa on flame and make dosas.

icon Pour melted ghee on top and roast till the dosa becomes brown and crisp.

Steps to make a Cone Shaped Dosa:

icon Spread the batter thinly on the tawa, so that you can get a very crispy dosa.

icon Pour ghee (as much as u want) here I have used 2 teaspoons of Ghee.

icon When it starts becoming brown and crisp, simmer the flame and make a small cut on the dosa with the dosa ladle from the middle to outside.

icon Start rolling the dosa till it reaches the cut and dosa turns into a cone shape.

icon Serve Ghee roast dosa with hot fiery chutney.

For the Chutney

icon Coconut – 1 cup

icon Gram Dal (roasted) –1/2 cup

icon Green chillies – 3

icon Garlic – 1 clove

icon Ginger – 1inch piece

icon Salt to taste

icon Water (as needed)

Steps to make Coconut Chutney

icon Add grated coconut (1 cup), some roasted Gram Dal , 1 green chilly small piece of ginger and garlic, 1 sprig curry leaves and salt to taste together in a blender and make it into a fine puree.

icon If the chutney is too dry and does not grind easily, sprinkle few drops of water and then grind.
Make seasoning by heating oil, add curry leaves and mustard, pour the crackling seasoning to the curry and mix well.

icon Serve this chutney with yummy Ghee

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