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Tickle your Taste Buds with Indian Flavors


Generally a country is defined by its tradition, history or culture. However unlike any other country in the world, India is characterized by the parameter – food. The variety of Indian cuisine probably has no boundary. The cuisine is influenced by various factors including religion, culture and most importantly geographical area. The Indian spices and herbs play an indispensable part in the cuisine. It is due to their addition, the cuisine gets the characteristic aroma and flavor.

Serving Exemplary Indian Flavors:

Palm Beach an authentic Indian restaurant has been housed for years in the heart of Wembley. Every dish is prepared exclusively with the original Indian ingredients – pure herbs and spices imported from India. We serve meals from the South Indian and Srilankan cuisine. The food in our restaurant is served by staffs with professional skills. For our Indian kitchen, we have hand-picked exemplary chefs, who have mastered the skill of combining different types of traditional ingredients and spices. The meals are classically divided as for soups, starters, main meals served from chicken, barbecue and fish meat, and we also serve a wide selection of Indian dishes and in particular, some Indian breads.

Appetizing Flavors of India:

Each dish has its own characteristic flavor and aroma, so it cannot be simply achieved with the addition of some spices from the supermarket. The food prepared by our chefs are neither blande or spicy, they make sure they perfectly mix the right ingredients in the right amount to satisfy even the most demanding gourmet.

Come and taste the exotic flavor of the Indian cuisine at Wembley, UK. You can either order food and take-away home or you can also enjoy our food by pre-ordering and taking it away with you.

Palm Beach Restaurant & Banqueting

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